A virtual space where knowledge is visual, created with Solid data and Free Software.

Peduncle is built to use visual information intelligently so that it helps people understand complex information in a more intuitive and clear way.

We see a future where people can engage in issues affecting their lives and have a direct voice and ability to take responsible and appropriate action at their level. Where everyday, non-technical people have sound and secure ways to communicate and work in different groups to manage our shared resources.

Our project is focused on delivering an interface that levels the current playing field and allows specifically Africans to participate in a global online world.

The World needs more decentralisation and better ways to work with data. We also need better data privacy. We need a more playful web, the way it was intended, and we would like this to be more visual, more immersive and more intuitive to use. We are contributing to the original vision for the Web as a medium for the secure, decentralized exchange of public and private data.